The Laboratory

Nefi High Power Laboratory is connected directly to the national Norwegian grid (17 kV), and is therefore located near a transformer station. (Rød transformer station). The maximum power og the laboratory is 250 MVA. By means of two test transformers (T1 and T2), electrical equipments can be tested at voltages from 250 V up to 36 kV, and up to 100 kArms (limited to 250 MVA). The test circuits are arranged very flexible, so changing between different tests are done in a fast and easy way! The Laboratory is operating as an independent laboratory on an international level with membership to SATS Certification (STL).

High-Voltage 50 Hz testing

NEFI is equipped for 50 Hz dielectric testing. The equipment consists of two seperate power-frequency voltage sources, each at 100 kV.

High-speed camera

The laboratory is equipped with a high-speed camera. It is then possible to order high-speed filming as an extra service.
After high-speed recording it is possible to observe details that cannot be captured by normal cameraes.


– 1000 fps, up to resolution 1024*1024

– Higher speed at lower resolution.

The workshop

The Laboratory has a well equipped workshop.

The workshop is used mainly for preparation for tests, but can also offer different services during testing.